Flase SA

Flame S.A., established in January 2003, is an integrated trading & shipping company registered and headquartered in Lugano (Switzerland).

The company's major focus is in the sourcing and supply of steam coal, petroleum coke and metallurgical coke, from various origins such as Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Colombia, South Africa, United States, Ukraine and Italy for delivery to customers worldwide.

From its inception, Flame S.A. has emerged as an influential market participant. The company’s executives have drawn on their extensive experience in the energy market, to provide innovative value adding solutions to producers and consumers around the globe.

Flame S.A. is proud to have been able to establish successful business relationships and long term contracts with some of the biggest coal producers / suppliers Worldwide, such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Peabody, Ensham, CMC, Drummond, Anglo Coal, Suek, Massey, among many others.

Our customers include some of the biggest power utilities in Europe, the Far East and South America, as well as most of the largest cement makers and general industry customers.

In particular some of our most important customers are EON, EDF, RWE, Enel, Endesa, ENBW, Vattenfall, AES, Formosa Plastic Group, KOSPO, EWP, KOMIPO, KOWEPO, Taiwan Cement, Asia Cement, Datang, Huadian.

For more information about Flame SA, please visit their website on www.flamesa.ch

F-Chem International SA

is an integrated shipping & trading company specialised in sourcing and marketing raw materials, fertilisers and other chemical products for the fertiliser, chemical and mining industries.

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The Shipping Department operates more than 200 bulk carriers per year ranging from the small handy to the Cape.
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